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Our Vape Shop Offers a Variety of Tanks, RDAS & RTAS

Whether you have experience with vape mods, or trying them out for the first time, when it comes to choosing a tank system it’s helpful to know some key differences between RDAs and RTAS. At Kure CBD & Vape, our vape shop staff can help you understand the benefits of both types and help you decide on a product based on the experience you’re looking for.

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Explore the Difference & Build Your Own Customizable Vape Mods

RDAs (Rebuildable Drip Automizers) use a drip system designed to allow you to drip e-liquid directly onto the wick. The result is a pure and more intense flavor experience than other forms of vaping. While it requires more time and effort to refill using this system, it produces astonishing amounts of vapor and thus represents the gold standard in a truly customizable experience.

RTAS (Rebuildable Tank Automizers) use a larger tank system with a reservoir that holds all the e-liquid you are using, no manual dripping required! Gravity and pressure automatically force the e-liquid through the system to saturate the wick. This makes it the better choice for vaping on the go.

Visit Any Of Our Vape Shop Locations for Your Vape Mod Needs

With a variety of tank builds and vape mods to choose from, Kure CBD & Vape has a product for every user. Whether you’re a pro who wants to calibrate your own specific vape to an exact preference or a purist looking for the affordable convenience of a tank system, we’ve got you covered. With several convenient vape shop locations in Richmond, VA, Danville, VA, Augusta, GA, and Hinesville, GA, choose Kure CBD & Vape for all of your electronic cigarette needs. Browse our products below or give us a call today to learn more.

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