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Find Everything You Need at Kure CBD & Vape

Here at Kure CBD & Vape, we strive to conveniently supply you with all the vaping products you could possibly need or want at each of our locations in Richmond and Danville, VA, Augusta, and Hinesville, GA. We offer a huge inventory of Vape Kits, Mods, Tanks, Pod Systems, E-liquid, and any accessories you may need to get started or continue on your vaping journey and whether you’re new to the vaping community or a long-time member, our staff will happily guide you to right product to meet your needs.  We proudly offer the widest selection of flavored E-liquid around as well as a wide variety of CBD products at both of our Virginia locations. We also pride ourselves on only stocking and selling the best products from the leading manufacturers and brands in the vape industry so stop by or contact us today to learn more!

custom e-cigs & vape in Danville, VA

An Alternative to Smoking Cigarettes

Many people use vaping products as an alternative way to achieve similar effects to smoking without having to smoke cigarettes. E-liquid contains Propylene Glycol (an ingredient in inhalers), Vegetable Glycerin, flavoring, and usually nicotine that produces the vapor when heated that you inhale instead of the smelly smoke you get from cigarettes. This means you won’t have to worry about your clothes, house, or car smelling of cigarette smoke.  With an e-liquid flavor for every palette, the vapor produced when exhaled will have quite a pleasant scent.  While this may bother non-smokers less than cigarettes, we suggest only vaping in designated areas when in public.

The Basic Parts of an E-Cigarette

There are many different types of e-cigarettes from pod systems to regulated mods to mech mods but they all have a few parts in common that work together to heat the e-liquid and produce vapor.  Many new vapers may not realize exactly how a vape works, which is why the team at Kure CBD & Vape will be happy to educate you!  Most e-cigarettes consist of 3 main parts which include:

Coil/Atomizer:  This is the heart of the device.  Usually, coils and atomizers are made out of wire which is used as a heating element and cotton, which soaks up the juice.  When the wire is heated, the juice soaked into cotton is vaporized.  Coils and atomizers generally need to be replaced every 7-14 days.

Juice Reservoir/Mouthpiece:  This is where the coil is housed and juice is added.  Sometimes it is a refillable tank that screws onto the battery and other times it is a refillable pod that attaches to the battery.  In some pod systems, the coil and the juice reservoir are one piece (the pod) and instead of just replacing the coil, you replace the entire pod.  On tanks, the mouthpiece is a tip on top and usually, pods are mouthpieces themselves.

Battery:  Obviously, the battery is used to power the heating element.  Most often, the batteries are rechargeable, so you can plug it in to charge and re-use it over and over.

CBD Products Supplier in Virgina

What About Health Risks?

E-cigarettes and other vaping products have received a lot of negative press in recent months, citing vapes as the cause of severe lung illnesses. After investigating, the CDC discovered over 90% of these cases were caused by black market THC cartridges and not nicotine vapes. While these products do come with their own health risks, much like any other recreational product such as alcohol and recreational marijuana, the severity of the problem has been exaggerated in many news stories. The team at Kure CBD & Vape is here to ensure we provide our customers with high-quality products that meet both federal, state, and local guidelines. We’re also available to answer any questions you may have about the use of our vape products.

Available Vape Products

Contact Us Today for Information

If you would like to learn more about our vaping products, including mods, tanks, pod systems, disposables, e-liquids, CBD products, and accessories, we invite you to stop by one of our locations in Richmond and Danville, VA, or Augusta and Hinesville, GA Our staff is here and ready to help you find the appropriate products to meet all your vaping needs. We are also very knowledgeable on the subject and will be able to answer any questions for first-time users. Contact us today or stop by and see us!

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